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Breakout Sessions

We are offering 3 groups of breakout sessions at Convergence: EQUIP. For the full event schedule, click HERE. Seating is limited for some sessions, so be sure to sign up early! (Breakout signups are required at time of ticket purchase.) 

GROUP A: FRIDAY - 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

1. Dream Interpretation

CORDELL EHRICH (Prophetic Team)

Peter tells us in his sermon on the Day of Pentecost that characteristic of life in the age of the New Covenant is the experience of dreams and visions. How can we know when a dream is revelatory and from God and not merely the result of natural causes? What guidelines might we learn that will enable us to interpret the meaning of our dreams. This will be the focus of this workshop.

2. Equipping People for Prophetic Ministry in Corporate Gathering and in Small Groups


How does the gift of prophecy function in the larger, corporate gatherings of God’s people? In this workshop, we’ll look at ways to facilitate prophecy in the corporate assembly on Sunday morning, and especially in the context of small group life.

3. Prophetic Evangelism

ANDY EDWARDS (Pastor of Missions & Evangelism) + BOB ARMSTRONG (Prophetic Team)

What does prophecy look like when it is taken outside the four walls of a church and beyond the small group gatherings of Christians? Are there guidelines and practical principles that will enable us to minister prophetically to unsaved people at the mall, on the streets, and in the office? That will be the focus of this workshop. [For those who wish to participate, a group will go to a public venue, perhaps a shopping mall, and engage in prophetic evangelism in the real world. This will take place during the GROUP B breakout session time.]

4. Equipping and Encouraging your Children in Prophetic Ministry

KRISTA MEYER (Director of BWKids) + ASHELY OWEN (BWKids Team)

How can you equip ministry leaders and parents in your church to develop and nurture in children a relationship with God that not only includes but celebrates the gifts of the Holy Spirit? How might we train children in prophecy and other spiritual gifts while avoiding the extremes of hyper-spirituality? In this workshop, we will discuss various principles that will aid in teaching not only your children but all those in the children’s ministry at your local church how children can begin to recognize his voice as they grow more confident in seeking spiritual gifts so that they can walk and minister in the power of the Spirit.

GROUP B: FRIDAY - 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

1. Dream Interpretation

See Group A for session description.

2. Equipping and Encouraging your Children in Prophetic Ministry

See Group A for session description.

3. Prophetic Worship


What does Paul mean when he speaks of “spiritual songs” in Ephesians 5? How do these songs differ from hymns and other previously composed musical numbers? How might singers and worship leaders learn how to incorporate the prophetic into their worship sets? This workshop is specifically designed for worship leaders and singers and will go a long way in providing guidance for how to make the prophetic a vital part of your Sunday service.

GROUP C: SATURDAY - 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

1. "Drawn Away": Developing a Spirit-Empowered Retreat for Women


Several women at Bridgeway have developed a retreat specifically designed to enable and encourage women to go deeper in their identity and intimacy with Jesus. Here women are encouraged to draw closer to the Giver of spiritual gifts. The curriculum used for this retreat will be presented and instruction will be provided for how the women in your local church might develop similar times to be “drawn away” from the hectic schedule of life for a season of quiet meditation, prayer, worship, and to practice hearing the voice of the Lord.

2. Equipping People for Prophetic Ministry in Corporate Gathering and in Small Groups

See Group A for session description.

3. Building an Intercessory Prayer Ministry in your Local Church


Foundational to the operation of all spiritual gifts in the local church, especially prophecy, is the practice of intercessory prayer. In this session, we will talk about how to build a prayer ministry in your church, how to train and release people in the fundamentals of praying for one another, and the many dangers and errors to avoid.